Sungat Phana Upkari(Prawn Pickle)

Sungat Phana Upkari (Prawn Pickle)

I love this dish. Sungat is Konkani for prawns or shrimps or anything else you want to call them. A rose by any other name ……

This is made with small shrimps, the ones that require an eternity to be cleaned. I remember bapama , mom and sometimes dad sitting and patiently doing the necessary.I use the salad shrimp for this dish and I use the deshelled and de-veined variety. So its a breeze.

Onion 2 medium size chopped finely.
Shrimp About 2 cups.

Roasted Whole Red Chillies 15-18 (told ya , it is HOT!!)
Tamarind Paste 1 tsp
Oil, Salt.

Grind the roasted whole chillies and tamarind paste into a fine paste.Cook onion in a little oil. After softened, add red chillies+tamarind paste, shrimp and salt. Cover and cook till the seafood is cooked through. Remove from flame and top with a tsp of raw coconut oil.



3 thoughts on “Sungat Phana Upkari(Prawn Pickle)

  1. Hi,
    U can make it without onion too..if u dont add onion, u will have to add asafoetida while frying along with mustard seeds and then grind and add to shrimp…ofcourse with tamarind paste…this way the pickle remains for a longer period.

  2. Hi Vee

    Nice recipe. I make it without onion too, Misha. According to my mom, the recipe has its origins in Kerala but I am not sure. Some people even use vinegar instead of tamarind.

    And, try frying the shrimp before adding. It keeps for more days that way.

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