Bomb Blasts in Bombay..


Photo courtesy : The Times of India.

For more Photos and detailed report please click on the photo

As a writer of a food blog, I usually shy away from anything that would destroy your appetite. But, things are different today. Seven Serial bombs blasted in commuter trains in my home town of Bombay killing, at last count, 135 people instantly and injuring scores of others.

My heartfelt condolances to the people of Bombay.I could write lots about how the local people are coming to the rescue of the injured and how the spirit of Bombay is not broken. But, seriously, just because Bombayites are good at shrugging off tragedies and moving ahead, does it mean it is Ok for things like these to happen? Yes, Life goes on and yes, tomorrow, Bombay will be Bombay again.But, will those people who have lost near and dear ones in this senseless carnage, be ever the same?

My thoughts are with not only those died, but those who survived as people around them died, who saw charred and broken bodies, with those people who are waiting for their near ones to come home, hoping against hope that they were not among the 135 who didn’t make it. As time goes by and hope lessens, these same people are going to pray that they indeed were among those 135 who died immediately and not among those who are severely injured or burned, but still alive counting their last breaths. I pray for these people and I pray for those who have already lost their lives. I pray for the kindness of heart of the people who dived in to help those injured. But, most of all, I pray for those who were responsible for this carnage. I pray that you live long enough to experience the same pain and loss you have caused today. I pray that when such time comes, and it surely will, you will beg for forgiveness from God and I pray that you never find it.


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