Time’s Up!!

The deadline has way passed and I am sorting through the entries as we speak.

Thank you so much to all of you who have participated or just visited this site and made this event a success.The round-up will be posted tommorow.

If you have’nt been able to send in your entries yet, don’t be disappointed. If you are one those bloggers who could’nt get in the entries because traditionally you cook the treats only the day before diwali or because the dealine fell on a working day or any other reason,I will be doing a Post-Diwali round up again, next saturday. So, you guys can still send in the entries. Depending upon the number of entries, I will either update the existing round-up or post it as a new round-up. So, any entries that I get from this point forward will be a part of the Post-Diwali round-up. If you have already sent in your entry, it will be in the round-up posted tomorrow.

Till then, here are some snipets from around the blogging world as they reminisce about Diwalis Past or about how they plan on celebrate this year or about starting new traditions!!

This first blogger says

“The ingredients that we use in our cooking may not be constant but love, family and tradition, the natural, real ingredients that we share to celebrate the Deepavali festival are going to be constant and would always be there to sustain us through our life journey.

Find out how this festival inspired her to give someone a second chance and form a new tradition here

Our most tireless blogger says

On previous evening of diwali (Thrayodashi) we decorate the water well as well as the vessels (’kolse’-Konkani or ‘koda’-Kannada or ‘matka’-Hindi) with a creeper called “Karita vali”. “Karit” is a small ping pong ball sized special cucumber with bitter taste. The bathrooms as well as the place were water is filled and heated for bath called as ‘bhan’ are decorated. In the evening, a pooja is done to the water well and then water is taken out and filled in ‘bhan’. This water is called ‘bhangra(golden) udak(water)’

Find her describing the various traditions/poojas that are performed on all 4 days of diwali

And how about this blogger who says

I always wanted to know how much fireworks I could buy, if I can burst some as my older sisters always got a better share of them, I really did not care much for new clothes, but more concerned about what sweets and savories were made at home

Find out how she plans to celebrate the 6 years of married life this diwali

And this one

Mostly, I hid under the bed in the quietest room in the house with our dog Gina – lovingly named after the eponymous character from the sitcom Dynasty by my mother.

Find out what got her out from under the bed.

This blogger has been a real busy bee

Diwali is a wonderful excuse to spruce up the house, discard old unused stuff, bring in new little ideas and ofcourse make delicious food to share with loved ones.
I truly believe that old unused stuff brings in a stagnant negative energy. Simply getting a few new things and throwing away all the junk can makeover your home and bring in the positive energy

And Last but not the least, this blogger’s emotional rant

I feel that I am still totally connected with India. I can talk about a new shop opening or a new play that I saw in Delhi as well as in the US. I moan traffic laws in India and here, I watch soaps in India and here (soaps are cool! you can not watch them for 4 months, yet still catch up on the happenings in a jiffy). So I thought I was soooo cool………..until this month’s JFI got posted. Then I realised that I had not been home for Diwali for 5 years.

Till tomorrow then people.


4 thoughts on “Time’s Up!!

  1. That was a nice collection Vee, Have a wonderful day, looking forward to the round-up and also the recipes for burfi and peanut baje later 🙂
    Thank you sooo much for hosting the event 🙂

    it’s been a pleasure hosting the event.

  2. Hi Vee,

    Wishing you and the family, a happy, shubha Deepavali!

    Also many thanks for the update, Vee. Looking forward to the fabulous, festive Diwali treat mela.

    Thank you Indira and wishing you the same ,too

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