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Shubh Deepavali to All of you lovely people out there!!!…May the goddesses of light and wealth always shine on you(and me) 🙂 The lovely blogger, Menu Today, kindly loaned me this photograph to use and I had saved it for the round up. Click on the photograph for more diwali sites in singapore.

Here’s the round up.I know what you are thinking. you are thinking “Finally”. Yeah, Yeah, I know its alittle late in the day. but, it is that day!! I have been working all of yesterday and today to get it up, you know!! Boy, am I glad I could finish it up in time. That is my story and I am sticking to it…. 😉

Seriously,I have loved being the host of this event and am really grateful for that chance (Thanks, Indira!!). I have always wanted to host a event, but didn’t want to commit to doing it on a regular basis. So, an event like this, where the hosts round-robbin, is really spectacular for people like me. Also, it came around the time when I was kind of giving up on the hope that I can really cultivate any activity other than raising the kids. By pushing myself to host this event, I have realised how much I love cooking and how much I love blogging about what I cook. So, hereon forward, I am going to make a concerted effort to post regularly. Which basically means that the spouse would have to chip in more than usual with the kids. Spouse. are you reading this????.. :). I have also realised that I love hosting this event. You guys have been wonderful , making it a breeze to guide the event.So much so,that I would like to do it again. Maybe I will host next diwali , too. What do you say?

Moving on to the round up, this round up only has entries that I have received on or before the 19th. All entries received after that will be included in the post diwali round up to be done on the 28th. I have, also, not included entries that I know have been posted by individual bloggers as entries to this event, but not been mailed to me. People, can’t include it in the round up without it being officially entered into the event and the only way to do that is to MAIL the entry to me. Do it before the 28th for the next roundup.

I have divided all the 30 entries into Sweet and Savoury . Enjoy!!!!


Treat Name : Khajas

Participant : Nandita’s Saffron Trail

Treat Name : 7-cup Cake

Participant : Vidya’s My Musing

Yogi's Kitchen
Treat Name : Besan Ladoo

Participant : PrincessYogi’s Yogi’s Kitchen

Treat Name : Anarsa

Participant : Madhuli’s Food Court

Treat Name : Kaju Katli

Participant : Saffron Hut

Treat Name : Penuri

Participant : Anupama Anantaraman (Independent Participant)

Treat Name : Kalakand

Participant : Sandeepa’s BongCookBook

Treat Name : Aval/Atukula Ladoo

Participant : Chandrika’s Akshaypatra

Besan-Peanut Ladoo
Treat Name : Besan/Peanut Ladoo

Participant : Linda’s Out of the Garden

Treat Name : Jangiri

Participant : Menu Today

Treat Name : Mysore Gasgase Payasa

Participant : Asha’s Foodie’s Hope

Treat Name : Pumpkin/Butternut Squash Halwa

Participant : Indira’s Mahanandi

Treat Name : Shakkarpare

Participant Name : Mandira’s Ahaar

Treat Name : Baadusha

Participant : Kalpana’s Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Treat Name : Rava Coconut Barfi

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Treat Name : Rava Ladoo

Participant : Saffron Hut

Treat Name : Kaju Sweet

Participant : Indira’s Mahanandi

Treat Name : Shakkarpare

Participant : Meenakshi’s Hooked on Heat

Treat Name : Mysore Pak

Participant : Deepa’s LetzCook

Treat Name : Kurmura Ladoo

Participant : Luv2Cook’s Cooking Medley

Besan ladoo2
Treat Name : Besan Ladoo

Participant : Latha of Masala Magic

Treat Name : Besan Ladoo

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Treat Name : Samosa

Participant : Gunjan’s Vyanjana

Treat Name : Pasties

Participant : Linda’s Out of the Garden

Treat Name : Masala Aloo

Participant : Mallika’s Quick Indian Cooking

Treat Name : Peanut Baje

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Treat Name : Chudvo

Participant : Shilpa’s Aayi’s Recipe

Treat Name : Kara Sev

Participant : Priya’s Akshaypaatram

Treat Name : Tukdi

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Participant : Shankari’s Stream of Conciousness
Treat Name : Ribbon Bakoda”

Till the next post then, people!!!


20 thoughts on “Round Up

  1. Thank you Vee for hosting this fabulous Deepavali Event. You made this festival special for us food bloggers with this theme. I really enjoyed participating in this month’s Jihva and I am sure all other fellow food bloggers would say the same thing.

    I liked the way you organized this event and it would be wonderful if you would like to take up the Deepavali event every year. Past, Present and Me is going to be Food bloggers Deepavali home. Yes and yes!

    Your creations are always interesting and I am excited to hear that you are going to blog regularly from now on.

    Thanks and wishing you and your family a wonderful, shubha Deepavali!

  2. Happy Diwali Vee

    This is such a great idea. It’s like having a Diwali cookbook without actually going to the shops!! This time we went to a restaurant, but I’ll know which way to roll my ladoos next year…

  3. Thank you for the wonderful round -up and for being such a gracious host, I’m definitely going to drop by here next year too. Same time…same place and until then Shubh Ratri !!…..hehe :-D, sudden flash of Amitabh Bachan signing off in KBC

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