A Slice of…Indian Life

How do busy Indians get their thrills while going about the daily grind….Click on the Play button to Find out!

Did you notice how the man runs for his life and then pulls his girlfriend up only when he is safe?. Ah…Love!

What’s in a name, you say? ‘For a Rose shall still be a rose …’ and all that. Well, if you are a ‘tam or a mallu’, heck of a lot in a name, according to this guy. Meet the Funny Indian and his take on the travails of Single South Indian Men of conservative upbringing.

Have a Good Weekend, All!


7 thoughts on “A Slice of…Indian Life

  1. Hi Vee! I got a chill down my spine lookig at that train thingie! Why are we sooo foolish to cross when you can see the train coming, I will never understand?! We are eternally selfish bunch, well..most of us anyway.

    He does hesitate for a split second before going on…The biggest surprise is that the couple have no idea that a train is on the way until they are on the track. Unbelievable!

  2. I saw the same video a few weeks ago and the thing that surprised me was, after the incident they quietly walk away, even the old man just looks silently as if it were a daily happening !!
    And the article is hilarious…my frnds were teased quoting this very article !!! hahahah

    It is all in good fun!

  3. The Morale of the video is – Take care of youe life first other things can wait

    There is nothing new in this. This is life

    Hi abhijit, I tried to write a comment on your blog. But, it doesn’t allow me to comment unless I have a google or a blogger account. I had lots of things to say about the kids and playing thing. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  4. This is not surprising at all because they do this everyday…it is just like those reckless drivers in the evening rush hr in US who don’t hesitate to cut infront of you without giving any indicator…u know why? because they do every day..

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