Does this work!!

Sitting at work on friday before new year and of course surfing. Some random serach lead me to this.. It talks about fitting a mason jar into your regular blender for grinding smaller quantities. Have any of you been doing this or tried this ?



10 thoughts on “Does this work!!

  1. Thank you all for those Warm wishes. A very Happy New year to you too and hope the new year sees all your hopes and dreams fulfilled!!!

    Sandeepa, do you really think I am brave enough to try this?..You give me too much credit!

  2. That is amazing!
    My blender came with a small food processor attachment(one cup size), so i don’t think i would try this.
    But if it works, it is going to be helpful for so many of you. Good luck.

  3. I had an Osteriser blender before, and the Indian store sells small jars that look like mason jars and that used to fit the Osterizer perfectly. Was ideal for grinding spices, chutneys etc. Works like a charm. Never tried it with mason jars, though, don’t see why it won’t work.

  4. I’ve been doing this for almost 6 yrs now. Never had a problem. I use it with the bottles of Bertolli Pasta Sauces. Well i think they are mason jars. It works great. Your may want to try it out. I never had any probs till today.

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