Keeping the dread at bay with Carrot Soup.

Finally, the dreaded february is gone. I was hoping against hope that it would take the dreaded cold and the dreaded parasites with it. It dreadfully didn’t, leaving the whole family to deal with the dreaded flu season for the adults and dreadful strep throats and ear infections for the kids.
With two clingy kids, a loss of apetite – the kind I have never experienced before and looming deadlines in front of us, me and the hubby were dreadfully tried like we have never been tried before. Oh, yes! It has been a dreadful kind of month for us.

Which means, it’s been a soup kind of month for us. Anything and everything got pulped, pureed, pulversied and slow-cooked into a heavenly flavored liquid which can cure all that ails the human body. And, boy it did. Thick, hot, filling broth that took out the parasites one healing spoonful at a time, giving us much needed nutrition during a period of acute appetite loss, comforting us with its soothing vapors and enveloping us in its warmth much like our mom’s pallu. The pallu we wanted to burrow into and the kids were trying hard to find in me (Sorry Dears, the apron will have to do). 🙂

Only two good things came out of this. One, the disappearance of the permanently-3-months-pregnant look I sported and second the recipe of the day, Carrot Soup.

The Carrot Soup became one of our mainstays during this period. And not just because s o m e o n e decided to buy carrots at Costco.

Picture 013



1 tablespoons unsalted butter

in a pressure cooker over medium heat. Add

1 bay leaf,
1/2 medium onion, chopped

and fry till soft. Add in

5 medium carrots chopped into bite size pieces
1 tbsp ginger, chopped finely

cook for 2 minutes, till coated with the butter. Add

3 cups water,
1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper

Bring to a boil over high heat. Put on the Pressure cooker lid and let it whistle 3 times. Take off the heat and let it cool. When cooled, open the pressure cooker, puree the mixture in a blender till smooth. If you have one of those stick blenders, more power to you. Pour the soup back into the cooker and stir in

1/4 cup milk,
1 tbsp sugar,
Salt to taste

Reheat over medium heat until piping hot. Serve immediately.

Armed with a bowl of piping hot goodness, I go on to play this meme that I was tagged with eons ago, but couldn’t get to. So here goes, the 5 things you don’t know about me and for all I know, you don’t want to know about me. You are going to, anyway.

1. I hate Dill . There are no two-ways about it, no grey areas. Nope, just do not like it. Whether it is the smell or the taste or the way it looks. Hey, look someone decided to chop up some of their hair for dinner today.Thin little strands going through my food completely grosses me out.

2. I grew up, a very picky eater. Made my mom’s life hell with all the likes and dislikes. { I am so sorry. mom. But don’t you worry, Aayush is making sure I pay for it.}. A trip to the west with half of the things, I did like growing up, not available, I have out grown that.

3. I love the Austin Power movies. Don’t you hate me for this. But, I just love the idiotic behaviour and a little bit of psycho-analysis on myself tells me I am probably an idiot , too.

4. I am a voracious reader. I have 400 blogs on my google reader list and at any moment of time, at least 4 books just for myself from the library. I can read anything. Give me a printed(typed) word and I will read it.

5. I am the typical libra woman. Read Linda Goodman and you would know more about me than you want to know 🙂

That’s it. With all my secrets poured out, a bowl of soup poured in, I leave you with this Tamatar Story. Bhagwaan ji, aapki creativity ki to daat deni padegi. The various ways you make sure we remember you. Kabhi doodh pi kar, kabhi tamatar ka roop dharan karke!! Jai ho, Jai ho!!


16 thoughts on “Keeping the dread at bay with Carrot Soup.

  1. Hey Vee! You going French on us now with the fleur-de-lis? It shocked me a bit, as my last job was working for a religious order, and that was one of their prominent symbols that was even on their christmas cards! Though they DID have great food!! We even dined on carrot soup, but your looks better! Ginger was made for carrots, or vice versa… 🙂 Sorry to hear you and the family have had a rough winter- iI’m always glad when February’s over too- on to spring!

  2. Tomato season? Gosh I wish it was…but I’ll be starting seeds indoors in a week or two. Last year I took the easy way and just bought plants…on clearance! So they had a late start, and I was rewarded with lots of green tomatoes still on the vine at first frost.(which I found ways to use anyway 🙂 ) I planned ahead this year!

  3. anonymous,

    I made this soup as my mom makes her Tomato soup (I have blogged the recipe). I just added a few things here and there as carrots do not go as well with my family as tomato does, but the basic premise is the same. I do not sanjeev kapoors book yet ( it is in the list of books I am having my in-laws bring with them when they visit us soon). If it was from the book, I would have cited the source as I have in recipes that I have tried from books. I have to say though, Carrot shorba sounds so much more nicer than carrot soup 🙂

    ooh, I am going get some seeds started right away, too. What did you do with the green tomatoes. I can think of a chutney and a sabzi my mom made of green tomatoes and karela. Oh of course, there’s fried green tomatoes 🙂

    Thanks, and yes austin powers.. revel in stupidity!! very freeing, you should try it! 🙂

  4. Vee-
    Was the chutney the fresh type or the cooked “English” type?
    As I had about two bushels of green tomatoes staring at me, with a set determination on my part to find SOMETHING to do with them, I went on an intense internet search for recipes…
    I ended up making large batches of two things: “green tomato achaar”(oily type)…I think it was a Goan recipe as it had vinegar instead of the usual lime juice…very good though, would work well for a quick-version vindaloo…(but I stand by using lime juice for oily achaar)the other recipe was a Sicilian green tomato sauce. That was(is) excellent! The tomatoes were simmered with olive oil, garlic, black pepper, basil and a touch of red chile(just an underlying hummm). It goes very well with seafood or chicken as it’s a little more tart and less sweet than ripe tomato sauces. It can also be mixed with cream for that tempting tomato/cream combo we all know and love 🙂 I preserved several quarts of this by canning. So, at the end, the green tomatoes were a blessing…

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