McCafe ?

You read that right. Mcdonalds is going upscale. But, don’t expect to get your regular dose of molecular gastronomy at your next visit . Oh, No. It’s the look that is going upscale. And how!

A motion-detecting, automatic-opening garbage receptacle and a robotic voice saying “thank you” and “please wait” ….

A Sci-fi version of Mcdonalds has always been on my wish-list. But wait, whats this?

.. with trendy, upholstered booths, a stone fireplace and comfy lounge chairs.

There goes my Star Wars dream where Darth Vader slays the opposition, all the while eating a Big Mac! In its place is, a rotound Darth Vader, with fries in one and hand and coke in the other, belching into eternity. tch, tch…

Instead of a cardboard cutout of the “Hamburglar” next to the counter, there’s a bowl full of Granny Smith apples and a glass display of salads. There are warm tones of sage green and brown, not the traditional bright yellow and red.

Wowza!! Now all I need is a computer and I would be in Starbucks!

…will feature plasma screens playing the news, and others will have wireless Internet connections

Ahhh, I see. We are not going Starwars as much as we are going Starbucks. But what about the food? I mean, eating messy burgers and fries doesn’t so much go along with banging on the laptop at the same time, does it?

And, Dude, where’s the coffee?

Link from Slashfood, where Sarah has her own interpretation of what it means.


13 thoughts on “McCafe ?

  1. We are regulars at our local McDonalds. No, not for the food – although I must admit to giving in to the breakfast every now and then – but they have a Redbox. And their premium coffee is pretty good. And it’s piping hot – unlike the cold hot coffee I get at our local Starbucks.

  2. Ok, either your local starbucks sucks or all the McD’s around my place sucks! πŸ™‚ I am actually not very choosy about my coffee, as long as it has it’s dose of caffeine, I am fine. I have had the premium coffee and if ever I had a choice I would still go for the starbucks, one.

  3. hey Vee!
    You know what? There is actually a prototype of this kind of McDonald’s in the upscale Door County of Wisconsin in the city of Sturgeon Bay….it looks just like you described, minus the robots and fireplace… basicly its the exact same food with a cozy atmosphere, so I guess we can clog our arteries in style!
    Speaking of style, am I on the right blogsite here? What happened to the fleurs? πŸ™‚ Did someone say “coffee” ?!!

  4. Pel,
    I wonder how different would it feel to be eating the same food in a different setting? Might be a good exercise in finding out how much ambience affects our food choices…

    I just have too many widgets to be happy with a two columned theme for very long. None of the three columned theme I am satisfied with, too. This theme has everything I want but the font, I do not like so much. Me thinks, it is time for me to upgrade….

  5. <shakes head at Pel>

    Starbucks in my area are awful. In fact every one serves cold hot coffee. Even at diners and restaurants. I ask to have it reheated. I think the problem is that we are a mile high and water boils at a lower temp and by the time they bring it out to me, it’s cold. McD’s serve super boiling hot coffee that must be kept between one’s legs for the true temperature to be experienced…remember that ridiculous case? I prefer to sip mine.

  6. motion detecting garbage receptacle…shouldn’t that be next to their cooking range?

    you want good coffee? try dunkin donuts. i don’t drink coffee, but j says theirs is good.

  7. Pel, a million rejoinders in my head for that one, but am going to exercise some restraint and limit to just one. Think straws, pel, think straws. πŸ™‚

    Manisha, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you prefer to sip your coffee.

    [ one talks about bathtubs and the other about coffee between the legs. Some of the friends I have, I tell you]

    Alas, Bee, No dunking Donuts in my area. Can you believe that? J is right, they serve up a good coffee. However, it’s a challenge ignoring all those donuts on the way to the coffee 😦 .

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