They are coming…

US to get first shipment of Indian mangoes. Question is , Can I afford them?


28 thoughts on “They are coming…

  1. Sia, with just 150 boxes, that too , around New York, I have a feeling I am not even going to get a look see. I guess, I will do what I have been doing every year, eat the OKie Dokie ones from Indian Store and dream of the Alphonso.

    [Said in my best Goan English Imitation]Oh Alphonso, do you dream of me as I dream of you?

  2. The problem is neither we nor “hamare desh wale” will get to eat good mangoes any more. With mangoes being exported I am sure most farmers will concentrate on growing mangoes for export alone and the prices in India will get hiked too

  3. Mangoes have been exported from India for decades now and Alphonso prices were already ridiculously high even before US exports came into the picture. I actually think it’s good for the regional varieties that don’t get enough attention because the Ratnagiri Hapoos and the Valsad Hapoos take center stage. My husband, for instance, prefers Langda to Hapoos. Folks from Andhra go gaga over their Banganapalli. And so on…

  4. If techies can come to the land of opportunities for the moolah, why not the farmer?? Maybe some farmers will have less reason be contemplate suicide. If we want to buy Quaker Oats in India, why should not our farmers have access to the American markets?

    I agree with Manisha there – yeah, let’s export more of the ‘exotic’ Hapoos – stay clear of our other ‘not the bestest’ varieties. So that I can still get the mangoes I have always loved. All those yummy sindhoories, safedas, langdas, chausas…Langda over Hapoos? Always. 🙂

  5. Good, you keep the Langda, Anita, and I’ll enjoy the Hapoos here in the US. Er…when I can afford it, that is.

    Vee, what say, I buy one Hapoos, and we share it. I get the batha / gutli because I came up with the idea and you get 2/3rds of the rest. Fair deal! 😆

    I am still not sure why exporting to the US is such a big deal, except maybe that a certain neighbor did not get that privilege. Or why the Indian populace will suddenly be deprived of mangoes! It’s not the first country India is exporting mangoes to. The requirements are far more stringent, making the process, and the resulting fruit expensive, for the US buyer. More $$ to India. Hopefully it translates into more $$ for the farmer. Why shouldn’t the farmer earn more? Agriculture has sustained the economy for decades. Time to give back to those who till the soil.

    Could the problem be that not *all* mango varieties are selected for export so only some farmers get rich. Mainly those in Mahrashtra and the Konkan area because that is where Hapoos can be grown. 😉

  6. Darn,
    There I was arguing for the Indian Education System somewhere else and forgot to look up my own Discussion! So much happened in my absence.

    OK, here goes
    I have to say, I have doubts about whether the farmer will make money. It is probably the zamindaar who is going to strike Hapoos gold.

    For the naysayers,
    First,The argument is that it will make Haapoos mangoes in India more expensive. Did it make Black Pepper more expensive when we started exporting those? I remember the same argument when Kashmiri Apples were exported. Some people started complaining that it is raising the price of these apples. Did it? It was as expensive as it was before.What is the logic here? Also, these mangoes are way too over-priced as it is.
    Second, isn’t it better India makes the moolah exporting its products rather than someone here growing their own version of these mangoes calling them Haapoos and worse, trademarking it? If you still don’t agree, read Anita’s second comment.
    Anita, when you put it like that….
    And I see, Sharmi has already made my second point.

    Besides, if you don’t like my argument I have only one thing to say to you, DON’T EAT ANY MANGOES THAT COME HERE. All you naysayers, boycott it. 😀

    Anita, you can have all the other varieties. I will give you my Brazilian,malaysian variety. Enjoy them. Mujhe mera Haapoos de do!

    Manisha, it’s a deal. Tum gutli le lo, hum aam lenge. Aam ke Aam, gutliyon ke daam! 😆

  7. Yes, yes, boycott those mangoes! They have been irradiated and other terrible unnatural things have been done to them.

    Vee, you think anyone will pay heed? Think of all those gutlis coming our way! Slurp!

  8. I have no idea whats up with the time. I have to check it.

    Aye, i thought you get to keep the gutli and I get the sweet flesh! oh, for a slurp emoticon!

    Update : If I change the time now, it sends the recent comments somewhere in between all those other comments, so for this post, I think we need to adopt the queen’s time. Bloody Blistering Barnacles!

  9. Indian Education System, really? 😆 Aap Maths mein na-pass ho. Reading main bhi. You only get 2/3rd of the sweet luscious meat. And I get the rest, which is the gutli and the remaining 1/3 of the meat.

    He! He! Just cos I said nothing about the 1/3rd, she assumes it’s hers.

  10. You know, you transport me into Marathi theatre when you say Aga Mane! I love it!

    I didn’t sign that deal you are touting. 🙄 But what the heck, I’ll take all the gutlis with the flesh around them, skin on. You can have the two cheeks. Deal? See what I will do for gutlis?

    And who wants Lame Mangoes when we can get Hapoos Amba!

  11. Oh, but I thought you couldn’t get the Hapoos…Poor mango-deprived souls fighting over 1/3-2/3 and guthalies! I think the mango import from India can go a long way in palliating some of these symptoms, whatever the cost.

    Vee, keep the exotic Malaysian and the rest very much to yourself. I am happy with all the Indian varieties – I don’t think anyone here wants to import yet!!

    No, No, No import. Just a special care package for you in return for a box of Haapoos, of course!
    Which makes me think, now that we are officially exporting Haapoos, is it Ok if my in-laws coming next week bring a box with them? It wasn’t allowed before. Manisha, any thoughts?

    And Anita, Dear, My miniscule post is about the fact that I could not afford them even though they are coming!..Whatever happened to reading the post?

  12. my apartment in mumbai is surrounded by hapoos trees. the contractors keep the mangoes from thet trees, we get to look at them. when we were kids, people in our complex could buy hapoos from the contractors for a concessional price. now they export everything, and there’s a shortage. a serious one. it’s sad if indians can’t enjoy hapoos because they send it to london or the gulf.

    as for other mangoes, tastewise they may be better, but hapoos has no fibre, and that’s why it is king. my uncle and aunt claim that they can only now afford two baskets a season. they keep one and send one to their grandkids. they live in mumbai, and they are not poverty line. i wonder what the really poor can afford. i feel really sad when i hear such things.

    Bee, I am sorry to hear that. But, we went to bombay last may, braving the heat for the Haapoos and we had it for lunch, dinner and breakfast. A single blemish on it and it would be converted to aamras and other such. And no, my in-laws and parents are definitely not Ambanis and the birlas. In fact, my in-laws are living a retired life.

    We had just one Mango tree in our apartment complex and nobody let the mangoes ripen up to see what varieties they were. Everybody would pick them up raw and pickle them! 🙂 I jst love to eat the raw ones with salt. hmmmm…

  13. Hooray I don’t have to floss my teeth after I have eaten a mango? I have heard of Banganapalli and Alphonso but hapoos no – I know they are not hippos but with Manisha involved I am really not sure. Anyway I am going to save the money to be spent on Manoges from India to make a trip to India!

    ISG, Alphonso is british for Haapoos. Those brats! I grew up eating Haapoos hence cannot deny the fact, otherwise I would very much believe Haapoos is Manisha for Hippo…

  14. Vee, your b-i-l can’t hide mangoes in his suitcase unless he has a certificate from BARC saying they were irradiated to US standards. I have contacts in BARC, let me know if he needs a certificate 😉 I will take payment in mangoes. 😀

    OK, I don’t know for sure. But read what the whole process entails – unless it is done through proper trade channels, there is no way the mangoes from the streets will meet the required standards.

    Anita, we will soon have Hapoos in the US market but if we can lay our hands on even one, that will be amazing.

    ISG, don’t listen to her. Hapoos is Marathi for Alphonso and Alphonso is Portuguese. (Aai ga!) There are lots of Hapoos varieties. It is grown in Ratnagiri, Devgad, Valsad and for the rest I wish I had paid attention in geography class.

    The general cost of living is far more sad than than mangoes becoming out of reach for the poor. Dal is very expensive and if I am to believe my grocer, India has stopped all export of dal again.

  15. BTW, you can always gift Alphonso mangoes to loved ones in India using this site. Alphonso is Rs. 52 per mango and Kesar is cheaper at Rs. 49 per mango. I am not associated with the site nor have I used them. I noticed them a couple of years ago and thought it was a really neat idea for gifts in the mango season.

    In comparison, wore than 10 years ago, we paid between Rs. 250 to Rs. 300 for 12 Hapoos mangoes.

  16. People people (all of you in Umreeka) – thank you for your concern on our mango shortage. But let me assure you, I have not felt any such thing. The mango season has just started in Delhi (alas, it is already at the peak in Mumbai and will be soon over since they eat only Hapoos, and Hapoos! The season/i> is short – the mangoes are aplenty) and the rehdi wala has started to make his rounds loaded with Sindhoories (already good, slurp!) and safedas (I think these are the Banganpalli – the good ones haven’t arrived yet).

    Mangoes are more expensive this year (Rs50/kg – do I detect a lot of envy?) than last year and will likely stay so. North Indian mangoes crop may have been damaged by the early spring hailstorms which usually occur in late winter. Last year (or maybe the year before) mangoes were Rs 30/kg – oooh! Two kilos of mangoes for one kilo of grapes!

    The Hapoos is just another good mango – an overpriced one. I have eaten it just once in Delhi and a couple of times in Bombay. When there are so many (over 500 kinds!) to chose from why will I eat one piece of Happos whenI can have a kilo of another equally good?!

    Like Manisha said, dal prices have gone thru the roof in the last year because of shortages (everything has become dearer by a good 20-25% because of rising inflation), and all exports have been stopped. So there is a system in place already. But mango shortage, real or imaginary, is not life threatening. Onions, on the other hand, can change governments!

    Unfortunately, there is no system in place for checking that young people getting subsidized education pay their dues (in cash or kind) before they go seeking greener pastures. If there is a serious shortage of anything, it is qualified engineers and doctors. We have one doctor for every 2000 people (US has 5.4)! and 70% of them are in urban areas. For the poor, Hapoos availability is the least of their problems!

    See for yourself:
    Deserted by Doctors, the good story, of course, there is always a good story too. That’s how India survives – in spite of it all!

    All the inflation be dammed – the Rupee is at an all-time high – Rs41 to a $US! So those mangoes in NY are going to be dear!

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