Rava-Coconut Barfi

Some of the readers of this blog just pointed out to me that I have made the biggest goof-up a food blogger can make. Post a pic and not type out the recipe. Yes, I did that. Not only did I do that, I also did it 6 months ago without realizing that the recipe and the post was never updated. I own up to it because other than deleting the post, I really have no other way to deny it. I cannot delete the post because [sigh], it is part of the Jihva-Diwali round up. I am trapped and only because I have no other excuse or a simpler way to write it off, I admit to the transgression, apologize profusely and type out the recipe. Thanks for the polite requests and defer brickbats, if any, to another post ‘cos Anoushka’s listening. Can you find her?




1 cup rawa

on a low flame, stirring constantly, till it changes color to a faint pink. Like everything else,it chooses to go from the light pink to burnt brown in that second that you turn to your kid to tell him for the umpteenth time why he can’t have juice before dinner. As soon as it changes color add

1 tbsp Ghee

and mix. My mom does this when she makes rawa laddoos and it seems to fluff up the rawa. I do it because I am a good girl and I do everything my mom tells me to do and because I like quirky things like that. πŸ˜€
You need to be quick here. Add the ghee and think about my quirkiness and you will end up with burnt rawa.Add the ghee, mix, raise heat and add

1 cup shredded coconut (fresh is good and recommended, dessicated can be substituted)
1 cup Milk

Let it come to a boil and keep stirring till the rawa absorbs the milk. If you don’t keep stirring, the rawa settles down on the bottom and lumps up. Not good.Add

1/2 to 1 cup Sugar

Equal amounts of rawa:sugar is recommended. Depends on how sweet you want it to be. For me it depends upon how I feel that day. If a pair of pants I really liked at the store didn’t fit that day, I go low. If not, all the way.You know it by now, stir, stir, stir, until the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pot. At this point, it helps to know that this is better done in an non-stick type of pot which prevents things from sticking. It starts leaving the side and forms into one big ball. A more knowledgeable person would tell you that this is the soft ball stage of melting sugar, but since I am not that person, I will refrain. Immediately pour it on to a cookie sheet/ tray or the serving plate that didn’t fall on to your head. Spread it evenly across, top with

chopped pistachios

Why pistachios? Because I like them and it looks pretty, thats why. πŸ™‚

Cut it into small squares or diamonds or rhombuses. If you use fresh coconut,they tend to be on the softer than the average burfi and taste more juicy.


29 thoughts on “Rava-Coconut Barfi

  1. WOW!! You have cooked up whole lot of sweets and savories here!! Wonderful to see!!

    Happy Diwali!! May be I should fly to you!!:))

    You are most welcome as long as you get your goodies with you πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Vee,
    First thanks for uploading my entry on ur Blog.
    The RavaCoconut Burfi Looks delicious, feel like making right now & serve everybody.
    But as Anu said theres no recipe so pls upload it asap.

  3. This recipe is well-written, concise, easy to follow, and the photo looks as utterly delicious as the last time! Unfortunately, I believe that there’s an apostrophe missing on your blog header… πŸ˜€

    Quick, Hide, the grammar police is patrolling again!

    psst, your blog header has 2 more full-stops than are actually needed 😎

  4. That looks yummyy…and I am sure fresh coconut adds magic to the recipe.

    “Immediately pour it on to a cookie sheet/ tray or the serving plate that didn’t fall on to your head.” hahaha…where is she !!

    I suppose she is still nursing the bump. Those things can be nasty. The fresh coconut does add a magical something, something to it.

  5. wow…the burfi looks fanstatic…love the way you posted the recipe…very clear…thanks for sharing this great gem…

    Dilip Bhai, aap to gayab hi ho gaye diwali ke baad. However, I haven’t been that diligent about commenting at your blog, too. So, can’t complain. Thanks and Congratulations on the amazing work on FAHC!

  6. that little hand reaching out is so precious.

    Bee, you found her. She was so interested in everything I was doing and kept circling my legs to get closer and dip a hand into the plate. I was so scared because it was really hot when I took the picture.

  7. Um… do it with panache…you know. How …. about this???? Huh? Huh???!!!!! Perhaps it is not good enough… I thought of posting just three dots like this: … but then… felt maybe… you know… Vee might ban me… then where would I be???!!!


  8. Lovely mithai, Vee. and i love pistachios too :). and am sure, so does your bitiya rani :). rava and coconut, perfect ingredients for Diwali mithai.

    Oh Musical, don’t get me started about my bitiya rani. She has her mother’s temperament which means she is quite a handful. My son , though quite bechara like his dad.

  9. Vee,

    thanks for the recipe post!
    Can’t wait to try this out!I always loved rawa ladoo & burfi!!
    No doubt anything with coconut tastes so yumm!!Iam drooling here looking at the pic!

    You are most welcome, Anu

  10. Hi. I enjoy reading yr blog + z pics r great. give me an idea how the end product will be?
    Plz have u a recipe for besan barfi. i tried one bt didn’t become as i bought in sweets shop. mine become sticky. could nt cut it.
    plz comment. waiting 4 u.

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