[Sigh].. Another Change of look.

Yes, yes. I changed my theme. AGAIN.

Let me know how you guys like this one. Lot of you guys had trouble finding recipes in the earlier theme. Now you will find them all on the right side bar. And yes, I promise to update the recipe page. Geez, you guys are making me work!

Also, the RSS links are right below the blog header for your convenience.

I hope things go smoother with this. Cos I really like this one.

Relevant post coming up soon.


10 thoughts on “[Sigh].. Another Change of look.

  1. Vee,
    it is good but too simple, after visiting your site, you are a nature loving person, may be you can add touch of flowers, plants, water falls, mountains some scenes from your visit to native place beauty.
    About second batch of frozen Patholi tastes may be 95 % good as fresh ones. But you will not know the difference as you will be eating after many days, as they say in Gujerati proverb, “Na maama kartaa kaano mamo saaro ” ( Instead of having no Maternal uncle, it is better to have blind uncle with one eye!)

    Thanks for the input, K. Boy. I haven’t personalised it yet. I wanted to make sure the readers don’t have problems getting to their favorite recipes iwth this theme. Now that I know they don’t I will spend the next weekend customising it. And oh yes, Na maama kartaa kaano mamo saaro is very true. Thats what I told myself for the last four years while eating patholi steamed in parchment papers. 😀 So you know gujarati, huh?

  2. i like this theme, and think its one of the cleaner ones that wordpress has – but then, did you not need to resize all of your pics to fit into this three column layout.

    my mom and i have been writing for a little over 2 months and while we considered changing to this – we dint want to sit and resize pics for all posts.

    I went through ,ost of my pics and the food is available. yes, some of the details on the right side get cut off, but it is not so great a loss, so I am OK with it.

  3. neat look i loved it at the 3 column stucture but just doesn’t fit my images well.

    wow yours looks so nice 🙂

    Hi roopa, see reply above. I was lucky because they do not cut off the food , which is the point, isn’t it? 😀 I like verything else about it so it is small loss. 😀

  4. Vee, listing of recipes is cool and easy to find,like it. Make a colorful Header though.
    I am scared to change mine bcos of the photos.I have to go back all 100 posts to repair them Scaryyy!!:)
    Happy Gowri Ganesha habba.

    Happy Vinayaka Chavathi to you too, Asha-akka. Yes, I will be customising the header this weekend.

  5. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Ganesh Chaturthi!

    Ganapati Bappa Morya!

    I like the layout! Nice and clean – (but the links for recipes don’t seem to work)

    That was a wordpress issue yesterday when you couldn’t access the recipes. They have rectified it now. A happy Ganesh chaturthi to you, too.

  6. Yes. This theme is simple and easy to use. Afterall its for that right? Great girl!

    You are right, Nirmala. Which was why I was concerned when people couldn’t find the recipes they came here for. Brought a lot of lurkers out of the woodwork, though. 🙂

  7. Hi Vee…Tks for changing..its now easier to find the narrative of recipes, rather than glaring at blank page!
    WISH U A VERY HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI! I too miss the hustle-bustle of Kings Circle & Wadala and the festive atmosphere in Mumbai a lot! 😦 but cant help!

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you, too. Yes, we can only reminisce and remember. Btw, whats with the glaring… 🙂

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