Random wake up call of the year.

You know you are chronologically challenged when ….

you get a peek at Ranbir Kapoor’s behind and the only thing you feel is an overwhelming urge to raid the diapers and wipes cabinet.


24 thoughts on “Random wake up call of the year.

  1. I feel thats just a over hyped and not required seen in the movie…as my friend said “Sanjay leela bansali sathiya gaya hai :D”. He has just spoiled Ranbeer’s name.

    My thoughsts are totally biased…. I don’t want to blame Ranbeer for anything he did in movie…Without that one scene, the song would have become superhit becos its a very nice song and his dance is also good. Just one scene has spoiled his name :).

    Someone likes Ranbeer…. nah nah nah nah nah!

    What do you think about SRk’s six pack?

  2. Sweetie you arent that chronologically behind if you have managed to keep up with the year’s releases and the latest chocolate hero 😀

    Enough marketing will eventually penetrate through the thick fog that surround sme . 😀

  3. Vee.. its a dark movie literally..only songs seem to be pulling it on…Ranbeer is completely loved or hated…i m in the latter side…his smile so superficially stupid!!! Yes that scene was actually not needed!
    I loved OSO..six pack or not..it has comedy and wit beyond that !!! : D 3 cheers to Farah…. 6 to SRK..dont u think his hamming has subsided..btw..watch Chakde for real acting!!I absolutely loved loved and loved that movie-including SRK!

  4. Eeeeks Vee…SRK looks like some rat that has put oil all over him :D. Once upon a time I used to be his great fan. The only movies I liked after his KKHT are Swades and Chakde.
    And Salman in Sawariya….Don’t ask me…

    Beleive me…many people like Ranbeer. He is gonnu be next superstar if he gets proper roles :). He has the potantial, just like Hrithik…

    We are waiting for Tare Jameen Par and Jodha Akbar now 🙂

  5. Vee, that was howlarious 😀
    i can see that Shilpa has a soft-corner of Ranbeer. I like SRK, but he looked a bit oily in that song! But seems like he worked a lot to get the six-pack abs. I haven’t seen either movie but OSO trailers suggest that its quite hilarious 🙂 Whatdaya say, Vee?

  6. Veeeeeeee!!! One month up!! Happy 2008!! RUT or we need a blogo-search-party to b launched to find our darling blogger V! Kids n Work hv u on ur toes,but we need u here! U put up one liner post n all of us poor bloggers r left tagging at that line as if we are playin dog-n-da-bone!!hmmmm…turn up plssss!!!frm wherever u r!!

  7. Hey….Where are you…Diwali gone, christmas gone, new year gone, republic day gone, valentine day also gone……..Hope everything is fine Vee. Please at least put a one liner. WE MISS YOU !!!!!

  8. Hi,
    I just came upon your blog and am just loving all the fantastic recipes. I hope you will continue to post b/c your last post is from last year. I don’t know you, but I already feel connected with you. I hope all is well, and I hope you update your blog with more recipes!

  9. Vee, helllllllo..how are u? I just saw a new post in my reader, yet its not showing here! Hope u hv posted….been sooo long, almost 8 months! Hws life, hw r both ur kids? Miss ur posts a lot! take care..hv a great week!

  10. Vee, glad to c that coming from you almost a year later!!
    Hope u r doing well n with kids..baddachi kasane gati kornu sollya amgeli Bombaichi!!! Sahan jaayna..matra ya patti shrimant jena gellinti…hajjya pudhe middle n lower class were affected..hope security chike puni strict kartati hajje mukari!! Heart bleeds to see the devastation!

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