Mum’s the word…Hearty Tomato Soup

You know Mom's cooking the best. You can live anywhere in the world, learn all sorts of cooking techniques and cuisines. You can be a professional cook , for god's sake. But at the end of it all, you want to come home and have Mom cook you that wonderful stuff and transport you to those golden days. There are those days when I really miss Mom's food (I miss mom, period). Of course, there are those days when you just miss somebody else cooking for you, but thats another post :). It is on the days of the first variety , that I end up making either or both of the following recipes . 

Mom makes a mean Tomato soup that has spoiled our taste buds to the extent that we never like any other tomato soup. It is such a simple recipe , the secret lies in fresh juicy tomatoes and only tomatoes. She doesnt add any other veggies or spice and there in lies the taste. On those chilly winter nights , I often make this soup served with grilled cheese sandwiches and reminisce about the past.

Very simple. Pressure cook about a kilo (about 2 pounds) of ripe juicy tomatoes. Crush in the blender and sieve in a fine siever to remove seeds and skin.
Pour into a pot and bring to a boil .Skim the white stuff that gathers on top. Add salt, sugar, pepper to taste. Mix 1 tbsp butter(room temperature) with 1 tbsp cornflour(Use a fork, its simpler) and add to the soup. Bring to a boil once more stirring continously. Remove from flame and add 1/2 cup milk. (I add about 4 tbsp cream). Delicious soup is ready.

Drop in a few homemade croutons, a dollop of butter and it is ready to be consumed!!

Thanks, MOM!