Icon credit : Sandeepa of Bong’s Mom’s Cook
Unbelievable, how much you feel like ranting about stuff when you don’t have time to sit still.
It is ridiculous how much of going through all the daily Indian news is enough to set off a mental rant that can fill up this whole blog. Everytime, I sat down to write a post , it invariably turned into a rant about one thing or the other. I am trying real hard not to turn this blog away from what it really is, a food blog.

A happy blog.Food = Happy as far as I am concerned. So most probably, I will be going and creating a rant blog, one where I can go and vomit out all the disillusionment and frustrations brought on by the online Indian media. That is the only thing I can think of which will save this blog from myself. Oh, the irony!

So, all armed with a plan, I decide to pen a new post (completely food related). Of course, I have to go through what the other food blogs are offering. That’s when I land on Inji Pennu’s blog and her post about copyright violations . Just follow her links to SuryaGayathri’s blog and you will see what she is so mad about.

There have been various cases of content lifting and just blatant copying that we are all aware of. So, that is not the thing that made me step up and write a whole post about. It is also not the fact that it is a not an individual blogger or a wanna-be blog Portal that is the offender here, but a huge corporation. No, it is the fact that they so easily slide the blame on to the subcontractor.

Reality Check, Yahoo!India… It does not matter where you got the content from. What matters is that the content was published on your site. If you are going to hire subcontractors to provide content for your site, it is your responsiblity to make sure that the content provided is not plagarized.

I hope Yahoo!India decides to deal with this issue with dignity and explains its stand more satisfyingly.

Thanks, Inji Pennu for organising this online protest against Yahoo!India. Head on to Ginger and Mango for more details.