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Yes, yes. I changed my theme. AGAIN.

Let me know how you guys like this one. Lot of you guys had trouble finding recipes in the earlier theme. Now you will find them all on the right side bar. And yes, I promise to update the recipe page. Geez, you guys are making me work!

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I hope things go smoother with this. Cos I really like this one.

Relevant post coming up soon.


Over the weekend…

One of the many things I love about blogging is making like-minded friends online. Anu is one such friend. When I announced that JFI-Diwali will be accepting recipes from non-bloggers as well, Anu was the first person to send in her recipe complete with a picture, ingredient-list, step-by-step intructions, hints and tips and variations. The one thing that I still remember vividly is that in her email she mentioned and I quote
I do not have a blog yet.
In my intro to her guest post, I predict her joining the food community eventually.
Anupama Anantharaman is another such friend. In a move that confirms I am getting old or I really need that trip to bermuda soon, I have confused them both. However, Anu, a long time reader of this blog, indeed has talked like an eventual blogger. I am happy to announce that eventuality has come to fruitition and she has finally penned her own blog. She starts her food blogging life with the recipe for Daalitoy which I call the mother daal of the konkani cuisine and comfort food for all aamchis. I remember, growing up, every year we would become tourists in our own country and visit all the amazing places in India. We would gorge in the dhabbas and Udipi restaurants depending on which side of the Vindhyas we were, but the first meal back at home would always be Rice, Daalitoy and Upkari. For me and, let me go out on a limb here and say, for most aamchi’s, a meal with daalitoy and upkari is home away from home. Anu makes the blogosphere her home with Daalitoy and cabbage Upkari. I welcome the Kitchen Queen, Anu and look forward to more delights from her.

Also, over the weekend, as part of Vee-speaks, a snapshot of my son’s mental diary on Dining Hall

Food Blogging ke Sholay

I have been invited to contirbute to the Dining Hall. I will be writing a monthly/bi-monthly column. My pay, I have been told will be smiles from all my fans (???). While it remains to be seen whether I will ever get paid, the idea of writing about food and food blogging, to avid foodies and colleagues in my chosen virtual avataar excites me. Sometimes funny, sometimes sentimental and sometimes serious, I plan to take this column through the ups and downs of the food blogging community, through accepting new trends and keeping old (yes, in internet-speak, last-year is old..) etiquettes in place.

I call it Vee-Speaks! Do You-Reads??

Jihva-Post Diwali Round up

Hi all,

Hope you all had a great time at diwali!!. I come again bearing treats made around the blogging world for diwali.

29 more entries to the Diwali round up!!!. So, including the 30 entries already posted, makes a total of 60 entries to the Special Edition Jihva Cooking Spree…

So, without much ado, I present the Post-Diwali Round up.

Treat Name : Boondi Ladoo

Participant : @’s Yum Yum Mum Mum

Treat Name : Malpua

Participant : Mystic’s Chatpat Food

Treat Name : Moong Dal Ladoos

Participant : Ashwini’s Food for Thought

Treat Name : Murukku

Participant : Priya’s Kitchen

Treat Name : Shahi Tukre

Participant : Archana’s Spicyana

Treat Name : Boondi Ladoos

Participant : Lakshmiammal’s Cook Food…Serve Love

Treat Name : Rice Ladooari

Participant : Sheela’s Pinch of Spice

Treat Name : Ladoos/Paltherattipal/Pakodam

Participant Name : Jayashree’s My Experiments with Food

Treat Name : Paparia

Participant :Anita’s A Mad Tea Party

Treat Name : ShankarPara

Participant :Anita’s A Mad Tea Party

Treat Name : Pesaru Garelu/Moong Dal vada

Participant : Pavani’s A Cook’s Hideout

Treat Name : Deepavali Marundu

Participant : Hema’s Vegetarian Concoctions

Treat Name : Boondi Ladoo

Participant : Maheshwari’s Beyond the Usual

Treat Name : Murukku

Participant : luv2cook’s Cooking Medley

Treat Name : Sago Payasam

Participant : VKN’s My Dhaba

Treat Name : Rasmalai

Participant : Giniann’s Salt and Pepper

Treat Name : Sevian Kheer

Participant : Alison’s Full Tummy

Treat Name : Poori Wale Aloo

Participant : Alison’s Full Tummy

Treat Name : Masaledaar Kala Chana

Participant : Alison’s Full Tummy

Treat Name : Badushah

Participant : JJ’s Just For Fun

Treat Name : Rice Kheer

Participant : Praveena’s The Clothed Cook

Treat Name : Chakli

Participant : Soumya (Independent Participant)

Treat Name : Mysore Pak

Participant : Soumya (Independent Participant)

Treat Name : Ribbon Pakoda

Participant : Soumya (Independent Participant)

Treat Name : Chivda

Participant : Priya’s Sugar and Spice

Treat Name : Shankarpali

Participant : Vaishali’s Happy Burp

Treat Name : Kheera Kesari

Participant : Meena’s Cooking Pleasures

Treat Name : Various

Participant : Manasi’s Cook @ Heart

Treat Name : Karanji

Participant : Sharmila P(Independent Participant)

Treat Name : Chocolate covered Dry Fruit Chikki

Participant : Lavanya’s Hyderabadi Kitchen

Don’t miss the entries by our two Independent Participants that I have already posted!!! (just before I posted the round up)

Thats it, folks!! That ends my round as the host of jihva. I, now, pass the baton to Kay of Towards a Better Tomorrow, who is making a come back hosting the jihva. Welcome Back, Kay!!!

Round Up


image source:MenuToday

Shubh Deepavali to All of you lovely people out there!!!…May the goddesses of light and wealth always shine on you(and me) 🙂 The lovely blogger, Menu Today, kindly loaned me this photograph to use and I had saved it for the round up. Click on the photograph for more diwali sites in singapore.

Here’s the round up.I know what you are thinking. you are thinking “Finally”. Yeah, Yeah, I know its alittle late in the day. but, it is that day!! I have been working all of yesterday and today to get it up, you know!! Boy, am I glad I could finish it up in time. That is my story and I am sticking to it…. 😉

Seriously,I have loved being the host of this event and am really grateful for that chance (Thanks, Indira!!). I have always wanted to host a event, but didn’t want to commit to doing it on a regular basis. So, an event like this, where the hosts round-robbin, is really spectacular for people like me. Also, it came around the time when I was kind of giving up on the hope that I can really cultivate any activity other than raising the kids. By pushing myself to host this event, I have realised how much I love cooking and how much I love blogging about what I cook. So, hereon forward, I am going to make a concerted effort to post regularly. Which basically means that the spouse would have to chip in more than usual with the kids. Spouse. are you reading this????.. :). I have also realised that I love hosting this event. You guys have been wonderful , making it a breeze to guide the event.So much so,that I would like to do it again. Maybe I will host next diwali , too. What do you say?

Moving on to the round up, this round up only has entries that I have received on or before the 19th. All entries received after that will be included in the post diwali round up to be done on the 28th. I have, also, not included entries that I know have been posted by individual bloggers as entries to this event, but not been mailed to me. People, can’t include it in the round up without it being officially entered into the event and the only way to do that is to MAIL the entry to me. Do it before the 28th for the next roundup.

I have divided all the 30 entries into Sweet and Savoury . Enjoy!!!!


Treat Name : Khajas

Participant : Nandita’s Saffron Trail

Treat Name : 7-cup Cake

Participant : Vidya’s My Musing

Yogi's Kitchen
Treat Name : Besan Ladoo

Participant : PrincessYogi’s Yogi’s Kitchen

Treat Name : Anarsa

Participant : Madhuli’s Food Court

Treat Name : Kaju Katli

Participant : Saffron Hut

Treat Name : Penuri

Participant : Anupama Anantaraman (Independent Participant)

Treat Name : Kalakand

Participant : Sandeepa’s BongCookBook

Treat Name : Aval/Atukula Ladoo

Participant : Chandrika’s Akshaypatra

Besan-Peanut Ladoo
Treat Name : Besan/Peanut Ladoo

Participant : Linda’s Out of the Garden

Treat Name : Jangiri

Participant : Menu Today

Treat Name : Mysore Gasgase Payasa

Participant : Asha’s Foodie’s Hope

Treat Name : Pumpkin/Butternut Squash Halwa

Participant : Indira’s Mahanandi

Treat Name : Shakkarpare

Participant Name : Mandira’s Ahaar

Treat Name : Baadusha

Participant : Kalpana’s Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Treat Name : Rava Coconut Barfi

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Treat Name : Rava Ladoo

Participant : Saffron Hut

Treat Name : Kaju Sweet

Participant : Indira’s Mahanandi

Treat Name : Shakkarpare

Participant : Meenakshi’s Hooked on Heat

Treat Name : Mysore Pak

Participant : Deepa’s LetzCook

Treat Name : Kurmura Ladoo

Participant : Luv2Cook’s Cooking Medley

Besan ladoo2
Treat Name : Besan Ladoo

Participant : Latha of Masala Magic

Treat Name : Besan Ladoo

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Treat Name : Samosa

Participant : Gunjan’s Vyanjana

Treat Name : Pasties

Participant : Linda’s Out of the Garden

Treat Name : Masala Aloo

Participant : Mallika’s Quick Indian Cooking

Treat Name : Peanut Baje

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Treat Name : Chudvo

Participant : Shilpa’s Aayi’s Recipe

Treat Name : Kara Sev

Participant : Priya’s Akshaypaatram

Treat Name : Tukdi

Participant : Vee’s Past, Present and Me

Participant : Shankari’s Stream of Conciousness
Treat Name : Ribbon Bakoda”

Till the next post then, people!!!

Time’s Up!!

The deadline has way passed and I am sorting through the entries as we speak.

Thank you so much to all of you who have participated or just visited this site and made this event a success.The round-up will be posted tommorow.

If you have’nt been able to send in your entries yet, don’t be disappointed. If you are one those bloggers who could’nt get in the entries because traditionally you cook the treats only the day before diwali or because the dealine fell on a working day or any other reason,I will be doing a Post-Diwali round up again, next saturday. So, you guys can still send in the entries. Depending upon the number of entries, I will either update the existing round-up or post it as a new round-up. So, any entries that I get from this point forward will be a part of the Post-Diwali round-up. If you have already sent in your entry, it will be in the round-up posted tomorrow.

Till then, here are some snipets from around the blogging world as they reminisce about Diwalis Past or about how they plan on celebrate this year or about starting new traditions!!

This first blogger says

“The ingredients that we use in our cooking may not be constant but love, family and tradition, the natural, real ingredients that we share to celebrate the Deepavali festival are going to be constant and would always be there to sustain us through our life journey.

Find out how this festival inspired her to give someone a second chance and form a new tradition here

Our most tireless blogger says

On previous evening of diwali (Thrayodashi) we decorate the water well as well as the vessels (’kolse’-Konkani or ‘koda’-Kannada or ‘matka’-Hindi) with a creeper called “Karita vali”. “Karit” is a small ping pong ball sized special cucumber with bitter taste. The bathrooms as well as the place were water is filled and heated for bath called as ‘bhan’ are decorated. In the evening, a pooja is done to the water well and then water is taken out and filled in ‘bhan’. This water is called ‘bhangra(golden) udak(water)’

Find her describing the various traditions/poojas that are performed on all 4 days of diwali

And how about this blogger who says

I always wanted to know how much fireworks I could buy, if I can burst some as my older sisters always got a better share of them, I really did not care much for new clothes, but more concerned about what sweets and savories were made at home

Find out how she plans to celebrate the 6 years of married life this diwali

And this one

Mostly, I hid under the bed in the quietest room in the house with our dog Gina – lovingly named after the eponymous character from the sitcom Dynasty by my mother.

Find out what got her out from under the bed.

This blogger has been a real busy bee

Diwali is a wonderful excuse to spruce up the house, discard old unused stuff, bring in new little ideas and ofcourse make delicious food to share with loved ones.
I truly believe that old unused stuff brings in a stagnant negative energy. Simply getting a few new things and throwing away all the junk can makeover your home and bring in the positive energy

And Last but not the least, this blogger’s emotional rant

I feel that I am still totally connected with India. I can talk about a new shop opening or a new play that I saw in Delhi as well as in the US. I moan traffic laws in India and here, I watch soaps in India and here (soaps are cool! you can not watch them for 4 months, yet still catch up on the happenings in a jiffy). So I thought I was soooo cool………..until this month’s JFI got posted. Then I realised that I had not been home for Diwali for 5 years.

Till tomorrow then people.

Special Edition Jihva

Hello People!!!

I am back and what a way to come back, too. I am hosting Jihva this month…really excited about that. But before I delve into the jihva business, lemme take a moment and thank all you people who have kept visiting this site even though there have been no new posts. Thank you all for your comments and emails (yes, the ones I haven’t replied to). Each of your mails and comments have been read and appreciated. Each of them have touched my heart and made me believe that this blog is going to be alive when I do get back to it. Thank you all for your Support and patience…Oh…you love me!!!! You really, really love me !!!!!

Anyway, back to business. Its my turn to host the Jihva event. If you don’t know what jihva is by now, you really need to get into the thick of things here. To help you along the way, here is a quick summary. Jihva-for-ingredient is a monthly blogging event that features an ingredient that is quintessentially indian. Every participant blogs a recipe using that ingredient on the first of the next month and the host does the roundup. The host also chooses the ingredient of the month. Got it??? Still not?? Well, then visit Indira’s Blog where she does a much better job at explaining the whole thing. After all, it is her brain child.

If even a visit to that site didn’t help and you still haven’t got it, No problem . Because I am,anyway, changing the rules this time around.(Read the Title of the post, people!!!…Its Special Edition Jihva.). So without much ado, I present to you Jihva for November.

Considering that October celebrates one of the biggest and most loved Indian Festival, “Diwali” and considering the fact that all you foodies are going to cook up all those gorgeous diwali treats at home and considering the fact that none of you are going to willingly share any of it with me, I have decided that I am going to force the issue.
Thats right, The theme for this months Jihva is
Diwali Treats!!!!!!
Yes, people!!!… Cook up those ghee-laden, calorie-rich loaded-with-carbs special treats, take a snap/blog about it and send it across to me. I will do the round up and you can feast your eyes on all of the goodies here on diwali day. Yep, thats right. Cook it up, post it any time from today to october 19th and I will post the round up of all of it on October 21st (thats deepavali day). If you don’t have a blog and would still like to participate, take a snap of your goodie and email me the recipe and any special story or memories attached to the goodie, along with it . The snap will make the round up and I will blog your recipe and the story in the next post. If you do not send a snap., it won’t make the roundup. But I will cook it up and blog abt it in future posts.Like the sound of it???…Well follow the below steps/rules and send across your entries to pastpresentme@yahoo.com.

1) There is no special ingredient for this month’s jihva. Other than “Family, Tradition etc.” (as described aptly by Indira). All you have to do is cook up one or many treats made specially for diwali. If you don’t celebrate diwali, don’t fret. Just cook up one of your favorite ghee/butter-laden, calorie-rich loaded-with-carbs special treats that has a special memory/tradition attached to it. The treat could be sweet or savory or anything else as long as it is edible.

2) There is no special posting date. Post your entry on any day between today and october 19th. Just mention in your post that it is an entry to this edition of Jihva, and link it to this page. If you don’t have a blog just mail me your entries.

3) Mail me the post link along with a 75 * 75 thumbnail of it by october 19th with the word “jihva” in the subject line. Again, If you don’t have a blog, just mail me your recipe along with a Photo and a story (optional).

4) The round up will be posted on October 21st, 2006.

Thats it, folks. Zap me with any questions that you have.Looking forward to your entries….

For more information about diwali, please visit this site
What is it that you ask???…what do you do on Nov. 1st????
Elementary, watson…