JFS:Dassera – the Round Up.

Raaga at The Singing Chef made some sundal to go with the memories of celebrating Navratri in Madras (now Chennai). 9 types of sundals for 9 nights! Now that is some Naivedyam. Along with the good, the somewhat not good memories surface.


We’d also get invited to people’s houses and everyone used to have the standard, “Oru Paattu Paadu Maa” (Please sing a song!). I was a moody child just as I am a moody adult. And I never did like singing at other people’s golus. … but try and see the world through the eyes of a 14 year old who has been learning music from the age of 4, who is interested in good music and not necessarily in raagas and azhuttam and all the associated stuff and you’ll know what I mean.


Rachna from Soul Food made Vrat Kadhi

Rachna-Vrat Kadhi

From my childhood days, I’ve spent these nine days fasting and feasting on yummy fasting food, hearing bhajans glorifying the mother goddess and waiting for my ‘kanjak’ on the 8th day. (In Punjab, on the 8th (ashtami) day, little gifts and a plate of halwa-poori, chole is given to little girls).


Renuka from Fusion writes how Navratri Golu is celebrated in Tamilnadu. She lists the 10 Devis and their temples,too.

In Tamilnadu the tenth day is known as AYUDHA POOJA .On this day people worship books,instruments,machineries,vehicles….On VIJAYADASAMI it is considered auspicious to start anything new.Here we can find lot of children joining schools,music classes and dance classes

Her second entry brings recipes for 8 types of sundals. Now that is a celebration!

Sundals are made using Black channa,White channa,Channa dhal,Moong dhal,Green peas,White peas,Motchai,Horse gram,Greeng gram,Groundnuts/Peanuts,Red lobia (Karamani),White lobia.


Siri at Siri’s Corner had a tri-color feast with Aloo Pulav, Palak Methi Paneer and Carrot Halwa. Check out the cream laced Palak Methi Paneer. Definitely my kind of girl! She also has a story.

But Rama needed 108 blue lotuses for the worship of the Divine Mother, while Rama had managed to procure only 107. He was on the verge of laying one of his eyes that was lotus-shaped and blue in color at the Goddess’s feet when Shakti, satisfied with the measure of his devotion, granted her blessings.



Musical from Musical’s Kitchen explains the rules of fasting in Punjab and makes some smashing Khatte Wale Aloo.

People enjoy goodies made out of swaang (literal meaning, pretend) da chawal (samo), singhare da atta (water chestnut flour)-relished as rotis, choora and halva, kuttu de atte di roti (rotis made out of kuttu flour) etc. Salt is replaced by kala loon/kala namak/sendha namak (black salt). The sabzis, daals and kadhis are made sans and onion, garlic and even tomatoes! People enjoy the laddoos/pinnis made out of jaggery and red amaranth seeds (boor, seel, rajgira).

Musy-Khatte wale aloo


Roopa at My chow Chow Bhath made some lip-smacking Bhoondi Ladoos. Now, if that doesn’t sound like festive season, I don’t know what would.

Roopa-Bhoondi Ladoo


Radha has lovely photos of the golu, thambulam and the Carrot Halwa and Black Kondakadalai. She explains the golu as

The Golu arrangement is a sheer exercise of creativity which reminds us of the age old folk lore and puranas. In modern context it gives an opportunity for people to mingle with one another and relish the refreshments served. The guests invited are offered betal leaves (thambulam) which is mutually reciprocated during the visits of friends and relatives. On an auspicious note, exchange of thambulam spells harmony and good will for hindu families.



Easy Crafts made some Jevarisi (Sabudana/Sago) Pudding. Check out her other posts for navratri, too.

Easy Crafts-Jevarisi Payasam


Sunita from Sunita’s world has a wonderful post on her childhood bijoydashmi memories. When a post starts as I quote below, you know what follows has to be good.

..the Durga puja season…the season of autumn( sorot kal, as we call it)…. when there is a slight nip in the air…when the sun shines down a bit lazily…when there are smiles all around…people moving to and and fro with that sense of urgency to reach the puja mondop and offer their prayers…to get a strategic place to stand before it gets over crowded.


Sharmi at Neivedyam made some Sago Pudding. Man, does that bring back memories.

Sharmi-Sago Pudding


Vegconcoctions has some really beautiful and creative Golu pics at her blog. A must-see.

Navrathri Golu


Rina at >Rina’s Recipes has some very sunny sundal



Remya over at Spices ‘n Flavors has Golu at her blog along with some gorgeous Sweet Appam”

Remya-Sweet Appam


Vineela at Vineela’s Cuisine has some beautiful Golu pics as her entry.


Daily Meals has very festive Boondi Ladoos up her sleeve.

Daily Meals-Boondi Ladoos


An excellent Dasara in Mysore post by Namratha at Finger Licking Food.


Srivalli at Cooking 4 all seasons has neivedya for Ayudh Pooja

Srivalli-Ayudh Pooja

and Vijaya Dashmi.

Srivalli-Vijaya Dashmi Feast


Rachna of Soul Food has some easy Peanut Ladoos, tailor made for the modern Indian pantry.

Rachna-Peanut Ladoo


Asha of Foodies Hope brings in a Tamilian Festive Feast to the gathering. Asha, How do you do it? The Mysore Palace and links toMysore Dassera celebrations make this a must-see post.



Kajal of Kajal’s Dreams has all you ever wanted to know about Navrathri/Dassera and garba and more.

Modern Garba is also heavily influenced by Raas a dance traditionally performed by men. It is performed on 9 nights, ‘Navratri’ to Goddess Ambica, where women dance gracefully in circles sometimes also using, ‘Bedu, Kanjari’ or just ‘Taali’ and ‘Chapti’. The word Garba is derived from the word Garba Deep meaning a lamp inside a perforated earthen pot. The light inside the perforated earthen pot symbolized the embryonic life.


Sandeepa, the one of the Bong Mom’s CookBook, the one who weaves stories with her words, the one who has disabled mouse selection on her blog – gives me a special post that has been coming a year. There are many parts of the post that would have been great previews, but lack of space and -ahem, some technical difficulties – led to me selecting this one.

..see Sondhi Pujo on Friday evening and wait for the 108 lamps to be lit albeit by electricity, wait for the Arati and seek blessings from those flames for myself, my daughter, my family, have Bhog on Styrofoam plates balanced on my knees, catch up with friends and overhear elderly Bengali ladies displaying their expensive saree and jewellery subtly.Amidst the crowds and the haze of the incense, I will look up to Durga’s face and see her still smiling kindly and I shall hope that smile gives my daughter belief in her own strength…

Sandeepa, special rule for you from next year. You need to send in the preview of your post as part of the entry. And that’s whats you get for the union wise crack. 😎

Talimpu has the most photogenic Andhra Pulihora. Don’t believe me? Just take a look!



Gulkand and Khoya come together for this delicious sounding treat from Mansi at Fun and Food.




I definitely know there were more entries around the blogospere for Dassera. But these are the only ones that I have emails for. If your entry is not included, please drop me a line! Diwali Entires next.

38 thoughts on “JFS:Dassera – the Round Up.

  1. Awwwwwwww you should have told me you needed a preview. This is what happens when you spend too much time doing your bit for the nation and the blog world by being the “union neta” :D, you forget that a simple mail could do what a javascript could not 🙂

    That aside, how did you manage to even copy those 4 lines, did you have to type it out or is there a hack. Quick I need to know and protect my recipe rights 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely round up though…and also for the JFI:festival idea in the first place

    All typed out diligently by hand. Oh, the things you make me do. That’s the reason I need a Union in the first place!

  2. Good grief! Not Sandeepa, too?! Do you guys ever look at your logs? It will tell you volumes about how they screen scrape and believe me, they’re not using right-click, select, copy.

    Vee, view source is your friend.

    You give me too much credit. 😉

  3. Manisha
    I know “View Source” is the hard(?) way to copy the contents but as a volunteer of the now defunct DH bloggers group who were thinking up ways to protect the images/ writing we had decided to use this script to disbale selection
    I don’t know if anyone else did it but I dilligently added it and sometimes curse myself as I cannot copy my own stuff 😀

    maybe there are lazy people like me & Vee out there who will not do VS to copy-paste 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed

  4. Sandeepa, the screen scrapers send bots to grab the content. I have a regular scraper – a bot from Gujarat. These are the real culprits. I’ve said enough about disabling right click so I won’t say it again here. And, btw, I can select text on your blog. 😉

    Vee, I hope you noticed that Sandeepa called you lazy. Just pointing it out in case you didn’t notice.

    Long live the Union.

    And, Vee, your penance for not participating should be to make every one of these dishes over the next 6 months and post your pic and review. All those in the Union and in favor, vote aye! AYE! AYE!


    I like lazy, I have no issues with lazy. Now, rebellion in the union, that I can’t stand. Thou shall burn, traitor!

  5. I am having so much fun to read these comments..hahahaha…..

    Btw…I could select the content from Sandeeps’s blog in IE. I was about to post it here and when I tried next time, I could not :(. If I was day dreaming or something actually happened there, I will never know….

    Very nice round up Vee…Not sure why I did not make anything for Dassera..I wanted to cook something…May be next year 🙂

    That’s OK, Shilpa. Even I am going to cook something, next year. 😀

  6. Shilpa, you’re wide awake. It’s possible to do it in Firefox, too. You just have to be really quick the first time.

    It is possible even if you are not quick enough the first time and not just with View Source. I think anyone who has been surfing long enough knows how to do it. I agree that it doesn’t stop the really determined plagarizer (that would include the bot). But, it does makes one think twice because it is blatantly obvious that any bit of copying is explicitly without the blog owners approval. In the food blogging community, it just might be enough to make the culprit look for another blog.

    Sandeepa, Gosh, You owe me for all the traffic that’s coming your way, trying to copy your text. You might not appreciate it now, but one day you will thank me for it. Yes, you will.

  7. Ok Manisha…thanks 😀 See I give the first time surfers the pleasure of copying and when they come back ahhhhhhhh…(actually I am not sure why the script behaves that way :D)

    And to be in the Union you HAVE to be lazy, that is one of the criterion

    BTW Vee…what is all this about “coming out” ahem…and that too from “the closet”. Don’t be too stressed dear, the JFI takes its tolls 😉

    “coming out”, “closet”, “diwali post” 😀

    I am going to change the tags on this post to include this. This is going to be fun.

  8. And coming to think of it..do people actually want to copy my posts ? Are they worthwhile…Shilpa & manisha please copy my posts and use it discreetly in your next one. Now that would really give me some traffic


    “coming to”, “coming out”, I have got you thinking it now 😀

  9. First,
    “All typed out diligently by hand”
    “It is possible even if you are not quick enough the first time and not just with View Source.”

    Kisko ulloo banatay?

    Ahem, Only one that I can see.

    Sandeepa, thank you for the blanket permission. Your Puja post was great, btw!

  10. Vee, Manisha and other readers, you all are witnesses…Sandeepa gave me permission to copy and paste her posts on my blog :). Thats so sweet..I have my eyes on puja post too :D.
    Manisha, good point :), looks like Vee is totally confused :). Looks like she asked Ayush to type the lines and then to confirm she copied and ran a “diff” on both :D.

    That’s right. Pick on someone who is busy with the second round up. Tumse yeh umeed nahi thi, Shilpa.


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