Fellow Foodies and More


1. Aayi’s Recipes
2. Ahaar
3. AkshayPaatram
4. AkshayPatra
5. Bachelor Cooking
6. Bong Mom’s CookBook
7. Chatpat Food
8. Cook Food, Serve Love
9. Cooking Medley
10.Daily Musings
11. en-ulagam
12.Flavor Ride
13.Food for Thought
14.Foodies Hope
15.Ginger and Mango
16. Green Chutney
17.Happy Burp
18.Hooked On Heat
19.Sailu’s Food
20.Kitchen Wonders
21.Kitchen Mate
22.Kodali’s Kitchen
23.Letz Cook
25.Santhi’s Kitchen
26.Memories n Meals
27.Menu Today
28.Andhra Recipes
29.Food Court
30.My Musings
31.My Treasure..MyPleasure
32.My Workshop
33.Naughty Curry
34.One Hot Stove
35.Out of the Garden
36.Pinch Of Spice
37.Priya’s Kitchen
38.Culinary Studio
39.Saffron Hut
40.Saffron Trail
42.Stream of Conciousness..
43.The Cook’s Cottage
Too Many Cooks
45.Towards a Better Tomorrow
46.Trial n Error
50.Yogi’s Kitchen
51.Yum Yum Mum Mum


1. 101 CookBooks
2. 28 Cooks
3. Finger in Every Pie
4. The Baking Sheet
5. Becks n’ Posh
6. Cooking For Engineers
7. title=”CreamPuffs”>Cream Puffs In Venice
8. Delicious Days
9. Tham Jiak
10.The Amatuer Gourmet
11.Traveler’s LunchBox
12.Tigers and Strawberries
13.Make My Sushi

Theme Sites
1.Basic Juice
2.Cake Fun

Cooking Books
1.Cooking at home with Pedatha

1.Indus Ladies


1. Another Subcontinent
2. eGullet
3. Food Network
4. Hare krsna’s Food
5. Mumbai Masala
6. Nigella
7. PCRM’s Health recipes
8. Tarla Dalal
9. Temple Of Thai
10.Thai Recipes
11.Thai Table

Cooking Peripherals

1.Cookingware Info 4 U The main difference between homemade and restaurant food will
be the cook.
2.Russel and Hazel’s Recipe Binder

Paintings and Illustrations
Ink Tales
Sree’s Canvas


3 thoughts on “Fellow Foodies and More

  1. Saw your blog by chance while searching for Methi Mutter Malai recipe. I must say that I am very impressed by its contents and the way its written.

    Pls keep it going. I for sure will be one of the regulars to visit this blog.

  2. Hello, saw your entralling blog while searching for Gatte ki Subji, which i have tasted many years back but wanted to have a direct hand on it, so… and i must say, your entire presentation of this recipe and others are just PErFEcT… please keep up with this excellent presentation, as we are all waiting for more. thanks …..

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